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Computer Desk


Finally completed the 10 feet long Octagonal bay window table.

Dual monitor setup for MacBook Pro with Mac Mini

Apple's MacBook Pro don't have dual video outputs. They have a single mini display port that can be connected to a single display up to 2560x1600 resolution.

On the web you will find various USB based video splitters which can be connected to multiple displays. But you can imagine the latency of sending Video signal over USB. They are not practical.

Portrait Stand for Monitor

1. Portrait Monitor Stand

I wanted to rotate the LCD monitor to Portrait mode but the stand it had couldn't be pivoted.

So created a stand with some left over book shelf blocks.

Bay-window Solid wood long Computer desk

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Bay-window Solid wood long Computer desk

Working on creating an Office space in the bedroom.

-Sectioned off the bay window area with curtains.
- Putting a long solid wood computer desk 10 feet long and 2 feet deep (enough for LCD screens).

Diagonal Hardwood Floor

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Diagonal Hardwood Floor

Glass wall

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Glass wall

Almost done!

Glass block wall in family room for privacy.

Glass wall

Made 2 walls using Pittsburgh corning glass blocks.

Very effective, easy to do.

More details to come.

Diagonal hardwood floor

Diagonal hardwood floor completed

Wow that was one of the most satisfying projects I did. I will be posting more pictures soon.

Key points:
- Start at the longest diagonal of the room.
- Make a perfectly straight line on the diagonal.
- Put splines in the grooves for the diagonal and thus make the pieces doubly tongued.

Note: Lot of accurate cutting in involved. So now would be a good time to invest in a sliding miter saw.

HDPVR setup

Well, I started this site to give tips to how to quit internet and ended up using as my daily blog. I will be posting my interesting projects that I do when I feel I shouldn't be going on internet.

Sine last week, I was busy in experimenting with my latest gadget HDPVR setup.

-- Hauppauge HDPVR
-- Dvblink software to plug into Win 7 media center.

More details to come.

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